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January 25, 2016

If Nature could talk, what would it say? We’ve all been told by medias, teachers, lecturers and friends that we have been changing the very balance of the ecosystem in which we live and we all have been informed of the growing concerns that our dump use of resources is causing to the world. But what if we turn all that on its head? What if we could hear what nature had to say on the matter?
Conservation International released a series of seven YouTube videos that give voice to Nature. Here are the videos. It won't take more than 10 minutes to watch them all but they will literally change the way you think about nature... and humans!

Water - Narrotor: Penelope Cruz


 Soil - Narrotor: Edward Norton


Red Wood - Narrotor: Robert Redford 


 Coral Reef - Narrotor: Ian Somerhalder


 Rain Forest -Narrotor: Kevin Spacey


Ocean - Narrotor: Harrison Ford


Mother Nature - Narrotor:  Julia Roberts


We have heard from Water, Soil, Redwood, Coral Reef, Rainforest, Ocean and Mother Nature and the message is loud and clear. We have got it wrong ever since.

We have always been taught that nature is meant to be exploited and owned. We have been replacing green forests with buildings and offices... trading lands and waters... contaminating soils with the toxic wastes of our factories and wearing some of the rarest and scarcest materials for the sole sake of building up our status quo. Leather, Wood, Coral, Diamonds are just a few of those "lux" materials contributing to damage our world, but - ultimately - should't innovation be all about harmonising our world rather than jeopardising it? 

YOJO blends nature with fashion innovation and revamp the ancient manufacturing processes over today's industrial mass-production. Our ceramic bow ties, ties, hadbands and jewelleries come straight from the earth and are all mindfully crafted with the environment in mind. "No deforestation, no sick materials, no animal harassment" is our motto, creativity is the drive.

Visit our concept store and please share to spread awareness.

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