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This month's woman bundle champions our statement foulard scarf matched with our handwoven wide brim straw sun hat.

The Print:

Haru - literally spring - is a mystical moment in Japan. It culturally represents the japanese attachment to the power of nature, its ever-changing circumstances and never-ending cycle.

Symbol of change and renaissance, this signature print design illustrates interwoven blossomed flowers in an elegant colour palette and serves as a talking point inviting to lead life rather than letting life lead you.


The Scarf:

Made of premium silk and embellished with an authentic off-white ceramic ring, this scarf was designed to become one of the most aesthetically pleasing and versatile pieces in your wardrobe.

You can style this statement silk scarf in a myriad of ways but we love it styled around the head with a long silky tail sailing the curves of the shoulders or as a simple yet classy foulard wrapped around the neck. Clients also love adding more tails and rings and start playing dress up using it as an elegant long coat belt or a one-of-a-kind partywear dress top.

Scarf Length: 120cm

Scarf Material: Silk

Woggle Material: Ceramics 


The Hat:

This wide brimmed sun hat features an intertwined pattern of natural Italian straw adorned with a 5 cm statement silk hatband and a signature off-white ceramic ring.

This women's hat can be customised with any print from the Aesthetics collection.

Here the specs of your YOJO sun hat:

Materials: Straw, Silk and Ceramics

Brim: 12cm

Size: In order to choose the right size just measure the diameter of your head and pick the next integer size available.

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