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September 29, 2015

We are all artists... Some of us recognise it, some of us don't! 

That's because since childhood we are trained to abide the rules, be productive and fit in and along this process we lose contact with ourselves and our creative abilities, becoming more and more focused on tasks, results and rewards.

We are taught to compare ourselves to others and compete with each other for fame and success. We are constantly required to set objectives and achieve them in order to be proud of ourselves – or even worse, to make others proud of ourselves. We are asked to prove our skills and show off our talent without never being given the chance to find out what our talent really is.

We are deceptively led to think of artists as those people on TV who are living the dream-life – doing what they like, being famous and getting often very reach.  

But reality is different, big times!  

Reality is, that too often those who have the fortune to get to know their talent and tap into that creative space where they can really feel alive, never see that talent recognised and are instead regarded as slackers!  

Reality is that as an artist, it is terribly hard to make a living, and while busy making a living it is terribly hard to get in touch with the artist that is within us!

However, by no means, this can be a reason to stop trying. Creativity is what makes us humans, and our dreams are what make our lives worth living!  

Whether you are an artist struggling to have your voice heard or a lost soul struggling to find the way to unleash your true potential, always remember that YOU ARE AMAZING and...DREAM, DREAM DREAM!!

Need more motivation to believe in yourself and keep your dreams alive?  Please watch this beautiful and inspiring video realised by Maximus Thor!    



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