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March 31, 2017


“Ceramic is a totally eco-friendly material, it comes straight from the earth and when its use is over it returns to it, ceramic is beautiful practical and incredibly resistant. It is one of the most durable materials available to humans and for millennia it has drawn the attention of designers and creatives alike across a variety of industries but fashion”

With this opening statement, YOJO – an independent design studio and contemporary fashion label conceived in London and sustainably handmade in Italy – introduces OXYMORON, their man and woman collection of silk and ceramic accessories.

Joe Sorrentino – founder and designer –  explains that the concept behind the OXYMORON collection was to re-design classic accessories with a contemporary twist… elaborated at the essence, but minimalist at glance. To accomplish such a design challenge, we combined the clean minimalist look of ceramics with the elegant classy drapes of silk and created a line of man and woman accessories preserving the past whilst pushing forward. Essentially with the OXYMORON collection we wanted to turn classic accessories into modern wearable artworks sound and want to sound a provocation and point of reflection for today’s digital world.

The man collection comprises of ceramic cufflinks, silk and ceramic ties and bow ties and the wholly ceramic papillon. On top of bringing ceramics from the architectural wolrd into the fashion domain, the brand also embraced modularity and waste reduction for their line of ties and bow ties, hence enabling advanced customisation and the mix and match of different silk  and ceramic pieces.

The woman line consists of ceramic pendants, silk and ceramic headbands, turbans and sèvignè bows and the tridimensional ceramic collar.

The ceramic components of the OXYMORON collection are exclusively handmade by Italian artists located in the Mediterranean villages of Vietri and Capodionte (South of Italy) which have a strong reputation for creating some of the most precious ceramic artworks in the world.

The silk components of the OXYMORON collection are sourced from certified Italian suppliers. The brand works very closely with independent Neapolitan tailors to employ premium sartorial techniques giving each piece a unique identity.

Finally the brand collaborates with industry leading manufacturers to finish off their creations with custom-designed stainless steel components adding an extra layer of luxury to the artworks.

The label has recently launched the collection via Kickstarter and is offering incredible discounts and limited edition versions for the first 50 super-early birds pledging the project.

Best of all though, the brand has embedded an exclusive configurator in their Kickstarter campaign to let everyone fully customise their pieces by choosing their silk and selecting their ceramic colours and textures.

It’s time for you to quit the boredom of traditional accessories and try one of the pieces in the YOJO’s silk and ceramic collection to literally stand out at your next cocktail party. Harry up and get your hands on it.


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