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YOJO is an independent design studio, hence, contemporary fashion label conceived in London and sustainably handmade in Italy. Through founder and designer Joe Sorrentino’s interest in art, designs, photography and cultural diversity, YOJO employs an unconventional and multidisciplinary approach to create elegant and iconic fashion accessories for men and women.
The YOJO hallmark is defined by the experimental use of ceramics - a completely eco-friendly material that for millennia has drawn the attention of designers and creatives alike across a wide variety of industries, but fashion.
With a strong commitment towards sustainable materials and collaborations with independent Italian artisans, YOJO is a label created for the next ethically aware generation.
The concept behind the OXYMORON collection was to re-design classic accessories with a contemporary twist… elaborated at the essence, but minimalist at glance. To accomplish such a design challange, the brand combined the clean minimalist look of ceramics with the elegant classy drapes of silk and created a line of man and woman accessories preserving the past whilst pushing forward.
With the OXYMORON collection, the label has also embraced modularity and waste reduction to provide clients with effortless tailor-made accessories allowing freedom of choice, custom aesthetics and piece of mind during one’s evolution towards conscious awareness.
Press coverage
"YOJO is about creativity and sustainability at it's finest. Each piece is unique and allows your personality to shine through. Jo, the founder of Label, had the pleasure to interview Joe, the founder of YOJO, to find out more about this iconic brand."
YOJO: Ethical creativity at its finest!
"Suitable for men and women alike, the various pieces from the YOJO 'OXYMORON' collection are crafted from ceramic and silk materials that are sustainably made in Italy. The various pieces are modular, modern and ideal for adding an unexpected style element to your outfit rather than settling for the usual accoutrements."
The YOJO 'OXYMORON' Wearable Art Accessories are Modern
"In addition to their unique style, the OXYMORON collection is sustainable and made by hand in Italy. With this, the creators ensure perfection in their products."
OXYMORON - Ceramic & Silk Accessories
"Sublime has found three unconventional Italians that make the most tasteful fashion accessories out of ceramics to last a lifetime"
SUBLIME MAGAZINE - April 05, 2017
"When Italian style meets ancient ceramic techniques... We're loving YOJO, a completely unique kind of #ethicalfashion brand that creates elegant ceramic accessories"
YOJO: The Elegance of Earthenware Fashion
ELUXE MAGAZINE - April 01, 2017
The Awards
The Team
Joe Sorrentino
Founder & Designer
Rossana Castaldo
Danilo La Russa
Creative Director
The Partners
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BLEND\STORIES is a curated platform, showcasing today’s indie designers within one collective.
What Our Customers Say
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"YOJO’s design concept is genius in its semplicity. It’s a crossover between fashion and interior design."
Giulio D’Alessio, Stylist at Moschino, Milan
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"It’s unconventional thinking of ceramics as a wearable material. But this is the brilliance of the OXYMORON collection."
Gianpaolo Tucci, Founder and Designer at Atelier About, Berlin
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"YOJO’s product line is undeniably unique. I am absolutely crazy mad about their spectacular ties and bow ties. Quality, modularity, sustainability... this what the industry truly needs."
Tommy Lee, Menswear SME at Pure Fashion Show, London
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