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March 04, 2017

YOJO, a new forthcoming fashion label have just announced the beginning of their pre-launch campaign combining a number of online and offline events including the launch of a revolutionised referral programme web-app.

Chances are that each individual with a social account came across the one-in-a-million-winner referral programme at least once in their digital experience. Less likely, you ever won one or even heard anything back after entering the email address. Truth is that the referral programme model as it stands doesn’t work anymore.

Users are becoming ever more demanding for transparency and don’t bother to partake programmes that don’t transmit trust or at least engagement. YOJO, anything but a tech company, developed a responsive web-app revolutionising the old referral programme and bringing those values on to the table. First, any subscribers can win free products. Second you can track your progress any time
through any device.

How does it work? Simple! Just enter your email address and share the unique url you will be given to start earning free products. Hit 12 referrals and you are in for the
basic rewards. As you bring more friends you upgrade your rewards. Referral targets are 12, 24, 36 and 48 friends.

Joe, founder and designer, explains that “the idea came about whilst brainstorming a way to gain momentum before the official launch of the kickstarter campaign. Referrals are great to create engagement and generate word of mouth, but they got too old for being effective in today’s world. We analysed the whole user journey and thought that making it a game rather than a simple unemotional typing act was key to make it purposeful”.

YOJO’s ultimate referral programme expires on the 3rd of April, day in which the brand will go live on kickstarter. Harry up to subscribe and share it as much as you
can for a ‘real’ chance to win one of the products in their line of man and woman accessories.

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